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Dan Hemmings

Creative Director

Dan (Danielle) Hemmings is a self-taught artist who was born and raised in Yorkshire, a wild and windswept county known for its collective down to earth mentality. From an early age, she could usually be found drawing or writing, often to the dismay of teachers who would rather she didn't spend quite so much time gazing through window dreaming up her next creation. Her natural curiosity led her along an interesting, if unusual career path. She has worked as a Groom, Riding Instructor and Wrangler in the Rocky Mountains, Lead Vocalist in various bands, Photographic Studio Assistant, Holistic Massage Therapist and Website Designer. She now focuses fully on creative work through visual art, music, and writing. She is learning to play the bodhrán, and is halfway through a BA (Hons) Creative Writing degree with the Open University.

She lives with her husband and sons in Kent, Southeast England.











Dan Hemmings
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