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Kenny Sharretts


Kenny is a professional backline technician and stage manager. He currently works with Dead & Company  and has toured with Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson, Rhianna, Kelly Clarkson, Puff Daddy, Elvis Costello, Joss Stone, and Train to name just a few!  

Kenny’s Live & Recorded TV performances include: The Voice, I Heart Radio Festivals, The Grammys, Billboard Music Awards, SNL, The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, Today, X Factor, American Idol, Jimmy Kimmel Live, TRL, PBS Soundstage, 20th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concerts, The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Much Music Video Awards, and many more. 

Kenny offers lessons in tech, tuning, and drum set. He also consults on drum trigger programming, general audio setup and playback design/setup. His client’s have been known to call Kenny ‘The Drum Whisperer’. 

Kenny proudly use Rogers Drums & Hardware, Ultimate Ears Pro, Zildjian, Evans, Pro Mark, Yamaha DTX, Ahead Armor Bags & Accessories, Pintech Percussion, Motion Pro Thrones, Rtom, Heil Mics, Soundhoops Mics, Earthworks Mics, No Nuts Cymbals Sleeves, GK Drums, DW Drums, Kickbloc, & products from Native Instruments, Ultimate Support , JK Drumplates, & Big Bang Distribution.



Kenny Sharretts
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