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Jonas Manashowitz


Jonas’s rhythmic journey began at 5 years old when he saw a

drummer behind a kit playing live for the first time. He thought it

was magical, he still does.

A self proclaimed ‘knock-around drummer kid’ from Staten

Island, Jonas Manashowitz (a.k.a. Jonas Mannon), has been

playing drums for 50 years. He has played music with the

legendary Chambers Brothers, Duff McKagen and Jerry Marotta,

among others. He has also worked closely as a drum tech with

such legends as Bill Ward and Virgil Donati.

Aside from drumsticks, he’s also comfortable with pen in hand

and has written many articles relating to drumming and music.

Jonas has also done many interviews with drumming greats such

as Kenny Aronoff, Artimus Pyle and Hirsh Gardner

Jonas Manashowitz
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